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      BHcare’s Valley Substance Abuse Action Council (VSAAC) is a public/private partnership comprised of community leaders and citizens who develop and carry out strategies to reduce alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use in the Lower Naugatuck Valley, Greater New Haven and surrounding communities.

      VSAAC offers a variety of interactive workshops and presentations for youth and adults, as well as resource materials, curriculums, training programs, referrals, and other information about drug abuse, alcohol, and tobacco that can help parents, children, and the larger community become better aware and equipped to combat the intrusion of these harmful substances in our daily lives. more info

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      The Sale of Synthetic Products

      Many retailers may be selling products that are known as Bath Salts, Salvia, or Synthetic
      Although these products may be labeled “Not for human ingestion,” they are being abused. The identified products include:

      Bath Salts
      MDVP (3,4-methylenedioxypyrovalerone)
      – 3,4 methylenedioxy-N-methycathione (methylone)
      – Mephedrone (4-methylmethcathinone) ;

      – Salvia divinorum;
      – salvinorin A;

      Synthetic Marijuana
      – Products known as Spice and K-2 and similar products.

      These products are commonly packaged in small foil or plastic envelopes and are marketed under a variety of names. The labels commonly do not list specific active ingredients, as they are not labeled for consumption. These products may indicate that they are an incense or herbal product, and may be offered to retailers as a high-profit item.

      The aforementioned products have recently been “scheduled,” both federally and at the State level, into a Controlled Substance Schedule I. This means that the retail sale or possession of these products is now illegal.

      Continued sale of these products could result in felony charges and/or fines, and may have an impact on your ability to sell over-the-counter medications, or liquor, or participate as a lottery sales agent.
      Products currently in your possession must be withheld from sale and returned to your wholesaler immediately, or destroyed in a non-recoverable manner.

      For more information, please contact the Connecticut Drug Control Division at (860) 713-6065 or via email

    • VSAAC Receives Valley United Way Special Needs Funding

      BHcare’s Greater Valley Substance Abuse Action Council (VSAAC) received funding from the Valley United Way for two of its community programs – “Take Back” and “Live to Tell”.

      A medication disposal drop-off unit will be installed at the Ansonia police department for residents to dispose of unwanted medication as part of VSAAC’s Take Back program. VSAAC began a prescription Take Back pilot project in 2008 in the Valley community. The project resulted in the collection of over $12,000 of medications in one town alone. In the three years since, the Drug Enforcement Administration has implemented state-wide drug take back on a twice-yearly basis.

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    • VSAAC Receives United Way Special Needs Funding
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